About WesterFlora

Our tours began in 1992, the year the AmeriFlora International Flower Show was held in Columbus at Franklin Park.  Westerville and other communities throughout Central Ohio spruced up their landscapes and conducted local gardening contests and tours in conjunction with AmeriFlora.  Some lasted for a few years but only Westerville’s "WesterFlora" continues to this day.

WesterFlora   Garden  Tour has received several awards from Garden Club of Ohio, Inc. and National Garden Club, Inc. for our Landscape Design Event.  Members of the WesterFlora Committee select gardens for the tour from the entries received that best represent landscaping uniqueness, healthy and diverse horticulture, and artistic expression.  The gardens our residents create never fail to impress.

We thank and appreciate the hard work and the generosity of these property owners for opening their gardens so that others in our community may enjoy and learn from their talented and creative endeavors.

Our Sponsors: Hoover Gardens, Westerville Garden Club, and Westerville Parks and  Recreation Department.